Porsche 964 Carrera Cup



  • 16,052 Mileage:
  • 162 Top Speed:
  • 1992 Year:
  • 4.9 0 - 60:
  • January 2019 MOT Expiry:
  • 270 BHP:
  • SORN Tax Expiry:
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission:
  • PTS Summer Yellow Exterior Colour:
  • 3.6 Engine Capacity:
  • Black Interior Colour:
  • Straight 6 Engine Configuration:


The Porsche 964 is the company’s internal name for the Porsche 911 manufactured and sold between 1989 and 1994. Designed by Benjamin Dimson through January 1986, it featured significant styling revisions over previous 911 models, most prominently the more integrated bumpers.

From 1986 until 1989 Porsche pioneered the Cup series, a one make race series using modified 944 Turbos. However, with the advent of the 964 model in 1989, the Carrera Cup 911 race series was born and debuted first in Germany in 1991. This was joined soon after by a French Carrera Cup series and in 1992 by Japan.

Racing engineer Roland Kussmaul pared the Carrera 2 down by removing carpets, all sound deadening, designing a special plastic induction chamber instead of the original aluminium, (saving 1.2kgs!) discarding the blower fan and commissioning lightweight alloy wheels that saved a total of 11kgs. All these modifications were sufficient to give a dry weight of 1,120kgs. This, coupled with a 265bhp blueprinted engine, lightweight clutch, revised gear ratios, limited slip diff provided drivers in the Carrera Cup with a pure race car.

The international Porsche Supercup has since gone from strength to strength and has supported Formula 1 racing, Touring cars and DTM to just name a few of the racing series around the world that the Carrera Cup series has been involved in.

A total of 297 964 Carrera Cup cars were produced from 1990 to 1993. The first two years saw the Cup cars based on the standard Carrera 2 with 1992-93 models reworked, based on the RS N/GT and utilising larger 18 inch three piece Speedline wheels, the change made to run 18 inch Pirelli slicks.


LHD C08, PTS Summer Yellow, Designated code M001, 1992 model based on 1992 Porsche 911 Carrera RS N/GT, Fully welded Matter roll cage, Single Recaro SPG fire resistant race seat, Bilstein ‘Cup’ shocks, Eibach progressive rate springs, 24mm 5 way adjustable front anti-roll bar, 18mm 3 way adjustable rear anti-roll bar, 265 horsepower 3.6 litre type M64/03 engine, G50/10 five speed manual gear box, Competition gear ratios, Limited slip differential with 20% lockup underload and 100% lockup under braking, Lightweight flywheel and sport clutch, 8×18″ front and 9.5×18″ rear piece ‘Speedline for Porsche’ (1992 onwards).


Sitting squat and low to the ground this very special and rare paint to sample (PTS) 964 Carrera Cup car looks every bit the M001 race car it was designed to be. Most Cup cars were produced in Grand Prix White (P5) to allow a blank canvas for further graphics and sponsors with a few other colours produced in black and red so to find a factory produced 92 model PTS car in such a florescent and vibrant colour is fantastic and a great privilege.

The paint is flawless having been subject to a full and correct paint restoration. The yellow hue a perfect match for black plastic trim and rubber details.

Being a 1992 model the body shell was based on the RS N/GT series production that was stiffer and seam welded over the early cars, final assembly was done at Weissach after the installation of the Matter welded in cage.

The chassis runs specially designed Bilstein “Cup” shocks exclusively designed for Porsche and the 964 Cup. These were combined with Eibach progressive rate springs, larger and adjustable anti roll bars along with stiffer control arm bushings and Cup specific strut bearings. Ride height was reduced and rear camber eccentrics allow for improved suspension geometry setup all of which make up its superb looks and supreme driving characteristics

This Cup retains it’s matching shell number aluminium bonnet and boot along with all its lightweight glass. It’s suspension setup utilising all of the factory components.


With only one purpose in mind the interior of the Cup car is sparse and noisy. A huge amount of Porsche racing expertise went into the Carrera Cups to remove weight and build a genuine race car that could be bought direct from the manufacturer.

At the centre and more obviously a single Recaro SPG race seat was fitted along with an alcantara race steering wheel, The A/C and radio deleted of course along with sun visors, headling, central locking and alarm, electric mirrors removed along with any interior sound deadening and carpets. More subtly Porsche removed tabs in the body for mounting interior parts along with the petrol flap leaver and replaced it with a wire loop such was their commitment to weight loss, the car even had a bespoke lightweight minimal wiring harness, Fabric door pulls and door panels with manual window regulators completed the package along with 3mm lightweight side and rear glass and a wood floor board on the drivers side that is is seen today on the latest Carrera Cup cars.


The engines in the early Cup cars were published at 260 horsepower using the 3.6 litre M64/03 units. They were picked from the standard production line and specially balanced and blue printed then selected further for identical power. ECUs were reprogrammed for extra output utilising 98 octane fuel, with the engine hot air blower removed and replaced with a plastic tube. From 1992 onwards Cup cars now build on the RS N/GT model received this engine utilising the same selection process as early cars, the M64/03 RS engine having slightly more power.

Still retaining its matching number engine and fully rebuilt to the same exacting standard it is coupled to its G50/10 five speed manual gearbox (matching) with competition gear ratios, steel synchronises matched together with a lightweight flywheel and sports clutch. This power transferred to the rear wheels through the limited slip differential. Solid engine mounts and harder rubber transmission mounts reduced any unnecessary movement under the higher loads generated on the race track.


Being a 1992 Cup it was fitted with the larger 8×18″ front and 9.5×18″ rear three-piece Speedline wheels that tuck right up into the flared Cup arches with the lower suspension ride height. The setup looks sensational with the deep dish wheels in pristine condition and proudly displaying the Speedline logo. Tyres are road going Bridgstone Potenzas, N rated and matching all round with excellent tread.

Cup cars were fitted with larger Turbo specification brake calipers and discs attached to aluminium front hubs to reduce weight. Discs, pads and calipers (finished in black) remain in excellent condition and subtly visible through the alloy wheels.


Built by the Porsche factory for the Japanese Carrera Cup series this is a C08 designation, model year 1992 (Carrera RS) and is one of 112 build in the N series vin range for that model year.

Finished from the factory in stunning and rare PTS Summer yellow (LimonenGelb) it presents as if it was about to race in the early 90s fresh from the manufacturer. Road registered in the UK with a model specific number plate containing the letters CUP, it can be enjoyed leisurely on the roads or more appropriately as it was intended on the track.

The history file contains its factory build sheet, its race results from the 1993 and 1994 Carrera Cup series in Japan listing the driver and car number. Also present are period magazine photos of the Cup series in Japan where this car features on track. The V5 is present along with MOT and a photographic record of the recent engine rebuild.

The history file also includes a copy of ‘The history of the 911 Carrera Cup” written by Melvin Spear, an excellent record and detailed explanation of the technical details of the 964 Cup cars.


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